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Student Support

We recognize that all students learn differently.

At Harvey, we create a learning environment in which every student can be an independent, engaged learner and achieve their highest academic potential. 凤凰彩票也认识到,一些被诊断为学习差异的学生可能需要额外的支持才能获得成功. 凤凰彩票的学生茁壮成长,因为凤凰彩票的学习环境优先考虑个人关注和培养有意义的师生关系的重要性.


凤凰彩票的咨询部门的主要目标是为学习和个人成长创造一个积极和支持性的环境. In coordination with our deans, learning specialists, and advisors, 凤凰彩票的持证临床社会工作者提供个人和团体的社会和情感支持和指导,以增强每个学生体验学术成功的能力, emotionally, and socially at The Harvey School.

On a day-to-day basis, our counselors:

  • Provide individual short-term counseling
  • Provide referrals to professional resources outside of school
  • Collaborate with and support teachers and advisors
  • Support families in crisis
  • Plan student/parent programming that is developmentally appropriate
Teacher with students

Student Support

学生支持团队为有学习差异的学生提供资源,以满足凤凰彩票为所有学生制定的学术标准,因为他们开始自我指导, lifelong learners.

了解每个学生,了解他们的优势和成长的机会是凤凰彩票教学方法的核心. With guidance from our Learning Specialists, 教师可以实施策略或特定的学校批准的住宿,以最好地帮助每个学生.

凤凰彩票的全职工作人员学习专家为学生提供一些直接的支持,如学习技能, memory, learning strategies, and test-anxiety management. We do not offer remediation for learning differences.

  • The relationship between the school and the family is open and inclusive.
  • Students self-advocate.
  • Learning issues are minor or previously remediated.
  • Students can fully pursue a challenging college-prep curriculum.
  • Extra time on tests
  • Preferential seating
  • Calculator use / computer use
  • Audiobooks

Student Support Team

每个学部都有一个学生支持小组(SST),每周开会评估学业, social, and emotional progress and well-being of students.


Each team consists of the Division Head, Dean of Students, School Nurse, 以及其他能够解决影响学生学业表现的问题的教师和管理人员.

Upper School Writing Center

What if a student doesn't know where to begin on a writing assignment? Or a teacher realizes a student needs extra coaching on the writing process? What if a disappointing essay grade reveals a student's weakness in grammar or usage? For all of these circumstances and more, Brimmer's Writing Center can help.

9-12年级的学生可以在他们的空闲时间在中心获得1:1的写作支持. 写作中心由英语教师组成,他们了解每个年级所教授的写作技巧的范围和顺序. 他们的目标是帮助学生理解和克服挑战,变得更好, more confident overall writers.

Advisory Program

As part of the relationships-based model that is at the core of Harvey, 辅导员与初高中学生配对,每周在不同年级的小小组中见面.

该咨询计划旨在确保学生至少有一名教师作为该学生的主要联系人和导师. In addition, 该咨询项目致力于帮助学生在发展社交和学术技能的同时,与同龄人建立联系.


Student and teacher working together on laptop