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The Harvey School

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School Profile 2022-23

The Harvey School is an independent coeducational boarding and day school located 40 miles north of New York City in Westchester County. 这所学校成立于1916年,6-12年级平均有360名学生. The curriculum is directed toward a mastery of languages, liberal arts, and sciences. 所有的学生都在学习强调写作技巧的课程, reading, mathematics, the sciences, 古代或现代语言, 历史和政治科学, and the fine arts.

At a Glance 

  • 293高中学生.
  • 2022届79名学生.
  • 27%的学生获得了基于需求的经济援助.
  • 30%的种族/民族学生多样性.
  • Students draw from Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester Counties, New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, and abroad.
  • 22名来自巴西的国际学生, Germany, Russia, China, Lithuania, Spain, 台湾的5/2寄宿计划结合宿舍住宿和家庭民宿.
  • 学生们来自不同的经济、社会和种族背景.
  • 强调在传统和纪律框架内的教育多样性.
  • Average class size is 10.
  • Technology integrated into curriculum with multiple labs accessible to students including broadcast/editing, robotics, and 3D printing labs.
  • 模型联合国和机器人团队在州和国家层面竞争并取得优异成绩.
  • Offers 18 varsity sports; have won 35 championships since 2000.
  • Offers 25+ classes in the arts and put on 10 productions a year in theater, music, and dance.

College Placement 2022

四年制学院/大学的百分比  99%
Gap Year & Postgrad Experience  1%
Private University 85%
Public University 15%
In-state 36%
Out-of-state 64%
2-year college  0%

Grading System

有五个字母等级,从A到D和F. D-是最低的及格分数. The trimester grade in a given course is determined by averaging equally the two marking-period grades and the trimester final examination grade. 全年成绩是由三个学期成绩的平均值决定的. For purposes of averaging, each letter grade is assigned a numerical value as follows: A = 4.0, A- = 3.7, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0, B- = 2.7, C+ = 2.3, C- = 1.7, D+ = 1.3, D- = 0.7, F = 0. Cumulative grade point averages and quintile ranks are determined by averaging all major courses. Course in Honors and Advanced Placement will be averaged with an additional weighted value. 荣誉课程的价值是 .3 added to the final grade and an Advanced Placement course will have an additional value of .7 added to the final grade. 秋季学期成绩将于11月底发送到各大学, 冬季学期成绩将于3月中旬发送至各大学, and final transcripts will be sent by mid-June (usually a week after commencement).

Curriculum and Requirements

The academic year is divided into trimesters with one credit awarded for a trimester course and three credits for a full-year course. 毕业至少需要69个学分. 毕业课程要求的最小分布如下:

  • ENGLISH: 4 years
  • HISTORY: 3年,包括全球研究、欧洲近代史和美国.S. History
  • MATH: 3年,包括代数1,几何和代数2
  • SCIENCE: 3 years, including Science Trajectories as a freshman, and at least one lab science
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 在9-12年级完成2年的同一语言学习
  • ARTS: 2 years (6 trimesters)
  • SENIOR BRIDGE SEMINAR: Required of all seniors

Students are expected to go beyond the minimum requirements and take four years of a foreign language (either four years of one language or two years of two different languages), 四年数学(代数1 & 2、几何和微积分预备课程)和其他科学课程. 凤凰彩票提供古典和现代语言(拉丁语), Spanish, 和日语)和一些艺术选修课, English, history, and other humanities. Senior course loads are determined for each senior individually during conferences with the student's academic adviser. 每个学生必须达到所有的学业要求, 被发现有良好的纪律, 并且在授予文凭之前要经过学院的批准.

We offer Honors and Advanced Placement courses in every discipline (students are typically recommended to participate starting junior year in AP coursework), and encourage all our students to participate in these programs according to their particular abilities and interests. 生物系提供AP课程, American history, calculus, chemistry, English, European history, microeconomics, physics, and statistics.

Signature Programs

What makes Harvey extraordinary is the wealth of opportunities we offer all our students to explore many different areas of study and interest. 凤凰彩票的签名课程是独一无二的哈维教育, challenging and motivating our students to learn new skills and discover their individual passions.

Visit Signature Programs to learn more.

Disciplinary Policy:

凤凰彩票网官网不报告纪律处分. If a situation warrants, the school reserves the right to determine which disciplinary actions rise to the level of being reportable for college applications. The nature of the situation deemed reportable will be discussed with the admissions representative.

Class Ranking

学生按五分之一进行排名. The scale below represents the cumulative grade-point average of students from this year's senior class in the following quintiles, 从2021年秋季学期开始.

1st Quintile 3.88 - 4.21
2nd Quintile 3.69 - 3.87
3rd Quintile 3.44 - 3.68
4th Quintile 3.17 - 3.43
5th Quintile 2.27 - 3.16
4.0+ Cavalier Scholar
3.7-3.99 Head's List
3.3-3.69 Honor Roll

Co-Curricular Program

The School is a strong co-curricular and athletics program to complement its academic program. The program's purpose is not only to allow the student to pursue his or her individual interests but also to provide a structure in which a student will be able to exercise a position of constructive leadership. The school is committed to expanding its co-curricular offerings and encouraging the participation of its entire student body in sports, co-curricular, 和课外活动. 节目内容包括各种艺术节目, 18种不同的校队运动, Model UN, community service, 最近又增加了一个国家认可的机器人项目. Participation in after-school activities is mandatory for day students in grades 6-10 and all boarding students.

International Program

Harvey currently has a small international student population, with 23 students from 8 countries. International students take the same curriculum as American students with two exceptions: a foreign language other than English is not required (although it may be taken as an elective), and all students must enroll in an English reading/writing workshop during their first two years. 凤凰彩票网官网的国际学生不是“交换生”," but matriculate at Harvey typically as ninth graders or sophomores intending to graduate from our school and continue their education at American colleges and universities. 该项目目前是第10个年头. Members from our graduating classes are all attending American colleges and universities representing a variety of higher educational school communities, including: Barnard College, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Brandeis University, Chapman College, Columbia University, Emory University, 福德汉姆大学商学院, John Hopkins University, Northeastern University, New York University, 马里兰艺术学院, 帕森斯艺术与设计学院, RPI, Rutgers University, 以及南加州大学.

College Counseling

Group of students.